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All Storm Drains Inc. is a licensed and insured Camera Inspection Servicecompany that has grown to a successful business for three key reasons:  Honesty, Professionalism, & Superior Service. 

What separates us from our competitors is that we aim to focus on quality service and customer satisfaction while building a “one to one” personal relationship with each of our clients. 

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Camera Inspection service hardware is a camera encased in a waterproof housing which is used for a visual inspection of sewer lines and other pipes located underground, in cement, and under a structure's foundation. Using a professional camera inspection video camera used by an All Storm Drains Inc. service professional enables an All Strom Drains Inc. service professional to pin-point any blockage or leak in any pipe regardless of its diameter. 

These …

Camera Inspection Professional Services | Nassau & Suffolk County, Long Island, New York

Camera Inspections

What is a sewer Camera Inspection? 
This is a special inspection done by a camera attached to a snake line. The video camera records the state of the sewer, revealing any cracks, tree roots, collapsed lines, clogs and other problems inside the sewer.

Video inspection in pipelines can help identify the following issues: Root intrusionDebris blockageBellied drain lineLeaking pipe jointsCracked sewer lateralSeparated lateral jointDeteriorated piping materials
With our sewer camera inspection, we can determine the exact location and cause of the leak, which helps keep repair costs low. By creating comprehensive reports, you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about your sewer system.

How Are Camera Inspections Completed in Long Island NY?
All Storm Drains Inc. inserts a snake attached to a small video camera into the pipe in question and snakes the camera through the sewer. You can watch the image on a monitor. It might be costly to have the sewer l…

Catch Basin | Storm Water Management Nassau & Suffolk County Long Island

Catch Basin Repair & Storm Water Management

catch basin or storm drain is an inlet to the storm drain system that typically includes a grate or curb inlet where stormwater enters the catch basin and a sump to capture sediment, debris and associated pollutants. They are also used in combined sewer watersheds to capture floatables and settle some solids. Catch basins act as pretreatment for other treatment practices by capturing large sediments throughout the Nassau & Suffolk County Long Island area. The performance of catch basins at removing sediment and other pollutants depends on the design of the catch basin (e.g., the size of the sump), and routine maintenance to retain the storage available in the sump to capture sediment.

Applicability catch basins are used in drainage systems throughout the United States. However, many catch basins are not designed for sediment and pollutant capture. Ideal application of catch basins is as pretreatment to another stormwater managemen…
Catch Basinsoften referred to as Storm Drains, essentially catch rainwater, dirt, and floatable debris. Floatable Debris can be organic and inorganic materials. Examples of organic material leaves, sticks, soil, and grass. Examples of inorganic material are things like plastic bottles, coffee cup lids, Styrofoam or extruded polystyrene foam, cigarettes, even car parts. There are metal hoods that cover the outflow pipes. This keeps most foreign material in the catch basin. Now some older catch basins dont have hoods on the pipes going to other drainage structures which allow floatables to escape the catch basin and infiltrate other structures such as dry wells, inverts, head walls, sewer systems. 

Catch Basins can flow directly to a sump, brook, creek, river, lake, bay, and sometimes right to the ocean. It is not uncommon to find used engine oil, antifreeze, and other common solvents and toxins inside of catch basins. I have also found animals stuck in these drains, bullfrogs, a snake, …
All Storm Drains Inc. | Flood Pumping Professional Services Suffolk County, Nassau County, Long Island, New York

ALL STORM DRAINS INC. FLOOD PUMPING All Storm Drain Inc. is a licensed and insured company that has grown to a successful business for three key reasons: Honesty, Professionalism, & Superior Service. What separates us from our competitors is that we aim to focus on quality service and customer satisfaction while building a “one to one” personal relationship with each of our clients. 
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All Storm Drains Inc. is a fully Licensed & Insured Storm Water Management Service. We specialize in storm water problems such as drywell overflows & flooding throughout the Long Island Area. Other services include overflows, rain drains, catch basins, sewers, high pressure water jetting, vacuum truck services, & storm drains. Service con…

Man Hole Cleaning Professional Services | All Storm Drains , Suffolk County, Nassau County, Long Island, NY

Man Hole Cleaning Professional Services


OFFICE: 516.825.1010
FAX: 631.475.2898 Man Hole tops are protected by a manhole cover which is, a flat plug designed to prevent accidental or unauthorized access to the manhole. Those tops are traditionally made of metal, but may be constructed from precast concrete, glass, reinforced plastic, or other composite material. Man Holes are usually outfitted with metal, polypropylene, or fiberglass steps installed in the inner side of the wall to allow easy descent into the utility space. The access openings to a man hole are usually circular in shape to prevent accidental fall. Manholescan  also rarely be found in triangular shape. Manholes are generally found in urban areas, in streets and occasionally under sidewalks. In rural and undeveloped areas, services such as telephone and electricity are usually carried on utility poles or even pylons rather than undergrou…

All Storm Drains Inc. | Cesspool & Septic Tank Professional Services

All Storm Drains Inc.Cesspool & Septic Services
cesspool systemor cesspools are underground leaching structures that were built and used for centuries now. A cesspool used to be the main component in the removal of waste water (also known as black water. When cesspoolsare used as the main drainage component solids and sludge dump directly into the sand at the bottom of the cesspool system. 

Scum floats to the top forming a layer of solid floating material which can make the cesspool clogged. Otherwise bringing the cesspool fail and backup. A lot of systems have twocesspools. The second cesspool is an overflow cesspool that is in place to leach water into the sand while the main cesspool handles the solid material. Sometimes older homes have only one cesspool. 

Suffolk countymostly have a few systems like this. Suffolk cesspool systems run the gambit in regards to the types and variety of drainage systems in use. Although laws change and the use of cesspools in Suffolk county has be…