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Strom Water Management | All Storm Drains (Dry Wells)

  Email: Phone:  516.825.1010     Fax:  631.475.2898 My Great grandfather Paul DeVito an Italian immigrant, started sanitary scavenger in the 1930's! He started the vacuum service company after the Great Depression. Three of his children started their own companies in three different locations across  Long Island  in the 1950's. The three companies had different names.  After seeing the one brother's success with his business name DeVito Cesspool . All three started to use the name DeVito in their business names in different variations. They became a few of the largest vacuum service companies on  Long Island .  They built all their own equipment. Building  vacuum trucks  in their barns at night! Hand digging new cesspools, the work was all intense manual labor back then. The companies were all very successful having some of the largest commercial accounts on Long Island at the time. I started  All Storm Drains Inc.  with a wet dry vacuum, and
  DRY WELL PROFESSIONAL SERVICES NASSAU COUNTY, LONG ISLAND, NY | ALL STORM DRAINS INC. Dry wells in Nassau County are older structures typically. They are built closer together because a lot of storm drain systems are older Nassau. Nassau County was developed before other eastern parts of Long Island were. Although there has been plenty of new development with modern dry wells in the County of Nassau. Old dry wells can be made of block like old cesspools. Some are in fact cesspools that were converted to drywells after the Nassau County connected to sewers in most areas. Dry wells are drainage structures that leach rain water from parking lots, roads, buildings, roof water, bridges, or a house roof or driveway into the ground throughout the Nassau County, Long Island area . Home dry wells can also be utilized to leach laundry water into the ground. They can consist of precast concrete ring or multiple rings depending on the capacity needed or the depth which is needed to reach good