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cesspool system or cesspools are underground leaching structures that were built and used for centuries now. A cesspool used to be the main component in the removal of waste water (also known as black water. When cesspools are used as the main drainage component solids and sludge dump directly into the sand at the bottom of the cesspool system. 

Scum floats to the top forming a layer of solid floating material which can make the cesspool clogged. Otherwise bringing the cesspool fail and backup. A lot of systems have two cesspools. The second cesspool is an overflow cesspool that is in place to leach water into the sand while the main cesspool handles the solid material. Sometimes older homes have only one cesspool

Suffolk county mostly have a few systems like this. Suffolk cesspool systems run the gambit in regards to the types and variety of drainage systems in use. Although laws change and the use of cesspools in Suffolk county has become a debate. Cesspool service is key to the performance of your cesspool systemMaintenance cesspools using a reputable company. 

Bad cesspool service and cheap cesspool service, isn't service at all. On Long Island cesspool companies like All Storm Drains Inc. Cesspool and Septic Service are hard at work to ensure that a cesspool not working becomes a functioning cesspool again. 


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