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High Pressure Water Jetting is an advanced method of pipe cleaning that has been used in the drain industry for a long time. When water is compressed to create pressure through a pump. The high pressure water is sent through a hose with a nozzle threaded at the far end, also called a jet head. Where the water is forced through small ports that are faced backwards. These ports force the water to propel the nozzle and hose forward. Simultaneously the ports also known as jets will scour debris backwards when the hose is dragged out of the pipe with the high pressure water pump turned on. This pipe cleaning method can be used on small 1-1/2" pipe up to 36" pipe or larger with the use of specialty pumps, skids, hose, and nozzle design. There are different size Pipe Jetting machines for just about every application.  These nozzles are also used in the Cesspool & Septic Industry for High Pressure Water Jetting.

These are some High Pressure Tips:
The hose diameter, hose composition, nozzles jet sizes, amount of jets, the material nozzles are machined from, are all designed around the volume of water and the working pressures of the high pressure water pump that is intended to be used.  The nozzle tips have a specific design to penetrate even the most dense debris.  Operating the machinery and the hoses for this process involves training and is a very dangerous job even in the best of outdoor conditions.  The hoses and nozzle tips when under high pressure in operation can severly hurt someone and the people around them.  It is very important to use a licensed & Insured professional for this service.  All Storm Drains Inc. proudly serves the Nassau County & Suffolk County, Long Island, NY areas.

Environmental Inspections

In the drain cleaning industry here on Long Island we use triplex pumps for small or large pipe cleaning projects. We also use single piston high pressure water pumps to clean larger pipes.  Sometimes prior to locating the exact point of the blockage, All Storm Drains Inc. utilizes it's fleet of vacuum trucks that manage the flood water submerging the main pipe or system access.

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